Curious...Plane issues

Working towards grade 3 to join in the experts and whilst flying to MEM have some time to discuss…
Does the app support any anomalies such as engine trouble, bird strikes etc?

Hi! First, welcome to the forum! As of right now, Infinite Flight does not include simulated bird strikes, engine failures, or any aircraft failures of these sorts.


As of now no we have no Bird Strikes, Or any Emergency Things other Than Fuel Emergencies, Or if you manually shut off your engines and call that a Engine Failure :)

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That would make a pretty good feature request though 🤔

The feature request is here - Bird Strike

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G’day mate,

Welcome to the forum! as @Rowdy_Kepler said those are the only issues at the moment you can come across! So be sure to plan your flight correctly (enough fuel etc).

The following two are guides for pilot and atc tutorials. The will link you to specific information that may be of use. The tutorials are created by FDS staff members.

Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide

FYI: You can’t request features until you are atleast TL2 (member) on the forum. :)




Thank you all for you’re responses.