Curious about the old home screen

Back in my younger months (pre-update) the IF homecreen had events listed on the sides which made it really easy to look at events even if you werent apart of the IF community. However since the update they no longer have the events sidebar. Was this intentional? I would still like to have it as it was a nice quick reference and if you were interested it would bring you here. Does anyone else feel this way or am I completely off? Thanks!

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It was most likely intentional to create space and just make things look better. But Iā€™m not a developer so I am not completely sure.

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Yeah I just wish they would add like another little tab that said events and you would have the list like we did before.

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It was removed due to performance issues I suppose, just like landing aid and terrain on map I suppose.
Vote for the topic linked above, I personally thought that this was very convenient back in the day.
Have a nice night. Warm regards,

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Also to show live users across the globe on the world map. Be sure to vote for the feature mentioned :)