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I had a question regarding a curiosity that I have always had since my start on Infinite Flight. Are all of the aircraft physics in the IF simulator based on the real aircraft? if this is the case is it done with careful accuracy across the board? I know when the CRJ’s came out that FDS actually had real-life pilots involved in the making and testing of that aircraft, was this done with others as well, such as the Airbus a321?

I just wanted to inquire as to how accurate the planes actually are in the way that they handle compared to that of the real world.

This question was sparked because I fly the airbus a321 and have to use vertical only auto to stabilize on level offs.

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Each plane has it’s own physics.

The CRJ will fly differently than the MD11 and so on. FDS works with real pilots and relies on technical data to make the experience as realistic as possible.


The older planes don’t handle as realistically because they aren’t thoroughly updated as the app is. I personally find any plane that was released after and including the 777 handles very well.


That is good to know! Thank you for your input. I notice that ground effect is much more evident in the a321 than the 777 as well, this is a noticeable difference in regards to handling which reflects real world aviation, I would assume.


Aircraft like the a330, 717, 757, super D, c-17 and some others won’t fly as realistically since they are older planes and haven’t been updated in a while. Planes like the 787, a320, MD11/DC10 and the CRJs fly realistically because they are newer. Once certain aircraft are reworked they will have better physics :)

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Thats good to know, Jack. Thank you for that info. I had no idea that older aircraft didnt fly as well, I am glad I chose to go with the newer ones, like those with APPR.

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This are the ones with the best physics. I’m certain that FDS plans to rework every aircraft to the standard that these are at.

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