I have a little curiosity about future updates, if there is any plan for the following updates or some clues that give us references to future things. I feel that giving is not a sketch increase the emotion in the community. At my step all last year I was waiting for the day of the update with eagerness. In if I want to see your opinions. :)

Nothing has been announced yet regarding any future updates other than a HD Scenery Push thats planned on being pushed in the first quarter of 2019. Keep your eye out on @infiniteflight’s Social Media as well as the #announcements category for all exciting news about any/all future updates.

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As @Balloonchaser said, they have not announced any updates yet.

However, it is hard work for them to make new updates. So we must wait patiently for them to release teasers and then later on actually release the update!


@natedog508 obviously we all know that it is a job and as you say you have to wait and I will be aware of the social networks of IF and I know that you will come incredible things I have a feeling

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🎈 is right. We’re working on laying out the plan for v19.1 and don’t quite have anything to share yet. Not to worry. 2018 showed that updates are important to us and we’ll continue to deliver! I’ll communicate as much as I can, when I can!

If this answer frustrates you, have a peek at the reply I made last week in response to some communication frustrations by a community member:


Yes, has been awfully quiet compared to previous updates as there is basically no information of what comes next, except for the promised replay mode in live which might still need more time. But we’re all a little “spoiled”. There are apps which get one update per year (or even less). And we got 6 recently. So let’s wait and see what our developers will come up with. Jason did explain it nicely.

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Are you giving us a hint of taxiway lighting?

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Huh? No. I literally gave zero hints 🤨


Is that a joke or are you just suggesting how it’s difficult to develop aircraft?

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