Curiosity about what would you change

I guess you’re right… except you’re forgetting the fact that I’ve been banned 3 times, one of them supposedly permanent, and I got back in here because of some incredible luck.


Add an option to “key the mic”. Doesn’t have to be a phrase to say, just key the mic. (i.e., 5 mic clicks to turn on uncontrolled field runway lights…or an option on the menu to turn on lights w/ intensity intervals).

Add a squawk ident button. Or just an option to manually enter a transponder code when given by ATC (prob just on expert server).

Add some military heavies. 🤠👍 (i.e., B-1B, B-2, P-3, P-8, B-52, etc.) This is just for my own selfishness.

All of these are just nice-to-haves…I understand it may clog some systems. But IF is getting pretty good lately at making some weird nick-nack additions, so I’ll throw them out there. 👍

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You are correct, I really wanted these features in the game. But unfortunately it’s not the focus of the IF Team these days…

Refurbish legacy aircraft. We need to show the 767, 717, A340, C-17 etc. some love!

We NEED a C-17 rework

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