Curaçao to New York on JetBlue

Curaçao (CUR/TNCC) to New York (JFK/KJFK)

JetBlue A320-200
Flight time: 4:20
Expert Server

  1. Rotation out of Curaçao.

  2. Climbing and banking away on our way to the Big Apple.

  3. Puerto Rico! 🇵🇷

  4. On final runway 04R. (Ignore the square in the top left corner, idk why it’s there)

  5. My little A320 did not like the 17 knot crosswind, and neither did the passengers 😭

  6. United 777 taking off behind me.

Hope you enjoyed!!

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Nice photos! I especially like the one of Puerto Rico and the one of you about to land with the crosswind.

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Yeah unfortunately this has been a known problem for a while. Nice pics tho!

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