Cumulus clouds with a sandstorm surround Riyadh airport

Hey guys, today I went from Riyadh to Jeddah on a B777. The weather was ok as you can see here.

10 minutes after I have boarded Cumulus clouds with a sandstorm surrounds the Capital Riyadh from ground level to FL200 stopped flights for Riyadh airport for a duration of half an hour a little bit ago. (This was today at 1400Z) (Source @aviationwg on twitter)
This is how the weather was after we pushedback

And this is how it looks above all of the cumulus clouds and the sandstorm

It was a bumpy climb.

(Video credit: @aviationwg on twitter)


Nasty doesn’t look good at all. Glad you made into the sky without incident


Cumulus clouds are really scary imho and worsen by the sandstorm.


Lmao I believe I am only person who has experience flying from sandy day in Middle East immediately to rains in India.

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Is it possible that sand can shut down an engine?

No, it’s not possible.

Ive flown into doha on transition to Germany and a sandstorm just barely passed. The approach was full of clanking sound xD plane still flies.

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Nope, I also have done the same.

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But I am sure I have been doing it since 2005.


I never said you haven’t done it… I am saying I also have done it.

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Ok no offense just saying that have done it more frequently annually than others.

Doubt that more than me, but okay.

PM me to continue.

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