Cumulative record of violations

I am enjoying the update and appreciate the records in the debrief. However, there is one statistic that I note is missing from the record. The pilot’s record of cumulative violations. When flying, I can pull this information on other pilots. Can anyone let me know where I can find my own cumulative record of violations. Thanks! Keep flying

Click on your name on the top right corner in the app, proceed to view stats then your violations are listed (under view violation history).

(Only shows within the year from what it looks like.)

But that does not give me the total number of violations I have over the period of time I have been in infinite flight. Other pilots can see the total number of violations have! But there is place I can see my For example


One way to see your cumulative violation count is by opening a replay of your flight (only flights on live) > click on your aircraft in the mini map > click on “show details for callsign” and you should be able to view all your stats including violations

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Thanks this is helpful

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