Cube in airbus a350 side stick

I did a previous topic about something similar. There was a cube in the citation engine. Now there is a cool cube in the a350 side stick. It might only be on the left side.

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This cube is also on the right side

Yeah I just checked

Cool cubes are cool

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Anyone want to come fly with me from Helsinki to Cape Town?

Flight time?.

13 hrs 26 min

Ho! I didn’t think it was long haul!

I started already I’m over Lithuania

Maybe and I can fly, but a few short ones!

Oh sorry. Do yo think you can make it?

You found the Cube of Knowledge.

Yes again. Weird citation engine or something

I don `t believe!. because in about 5 or 6 hours I will use my tablet. But have a great flight! and happy landing!

Ok thank you

The discussion started from a weird cube inside a side stick and now you are trying to turn your own topic into a groupflight. 🙄


Yes it did.

Feel free to create a topic in #live:groupflights if you want to organize a flight with other users!