CubCrafters XCub group flight

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Group formation flight was nice and slow formation flight in the SoCal area.

Formation flight on the training server are route was KCRQ-SWWAG-IBUGE-SCORP-PNDAH–GAMBT-ARMBR-MANBY-ELLBO-ZALUR-SOPEA-ANOTE-GICEP-ESCON-ZUXAX was nice scenic flight. flight time was 1:11 min

Look at all those Cubs 🐻🐻

Lined up for this windy take off

in the air for a nice 1:11 min flight

over the ocean

a another Awesome shot from over the ocean

Got a short escort (unfortunately they are not a IFC member)

Decent back into KCRQ

@Zach_Bohannon on final

@Fung_Sum-sum touching down (Also provide photo 5)

And now @Stick_theLanding (or me) touching down.

Also Thanks @AIFC for being LA center for some of our flight. I also had @flying_Pencil but they got disconnected part way though.

Hopefully you enjoyed these photos 😊


Amazing shots! No need to thank me I didn’t do anything for you guys 😂

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I always thank my controlers

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Well it’s much appreciated my friend.

Great photos, gotta love formation flying! The XCub makes it all the better!

wow formation flight!

I will do more formation flights so be on the look out

Formation flights provide for a great experience and also serve as a good opportunity for screenshots. Nice photos!