CubCrafter new machine

Your thoughts on the Market Survey?


Very interesting. It’s called the NX Cub, basically an XCub with a wheel on the nose instead of the tail, similar to the C172:

Shorter video of it here:

NX-Cub from CubCrafters - YouTube

The STOL capabilities look incredible, I wonder how it flies compared to the traditional Cub.


That take off of the NXCub is impressivev

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Damn we need that nose wheel version. Landings will improve 98%!!


And just as we got it lol

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That’s actually pretty cool and interesting. Didn’t know CubCrafters did this! Thanks for sharing!

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Me either! They released the video of the NXCub today!

Every XCub can now be configured for either nosewheel or tailwheel operations depending on the owner’s preference. The landing gear can even be swapped back and forth between nosewheel and tailwheel configurations depending on the mission requirements for the airplane.

The XCub was designed right from the start to accommodate both types of landing gear. Each setup has its own advantages for sure, and both versions are robust enough to handle almost anything the backcountry has to offer.

We will post more about the nosewheel option for the XCub in the coming days. We’d also encourage any and all pilots attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 to visit CubCrafters at booth 273/274 learn more!


That looks sick

definitely gonna stop by the Cubcrafters booth to see that :)

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Take pictures!

Should make it more accessible I guess, since you don’t need a taildrager endorsement. But then again if your already spending this kind of money that training probably isn’t a deal breaker…

It should also help some crosswind performance and stuff…

It looks happy as always 😍


Imo I like it a lot.

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