Cub flying really low

Hey, just wanted to show y’all because this cub was flying super low and I grabbed a few photos of it.

Anyway here they are.

lets see how long this takes

Have a great night :)


Wow that’s incredible!

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Great shots! The angles are awesome

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Hmm, the windows look like plastic 👀 Great shots!


Great photos there!

How load was it flying so low?

Woah excellent photos! What did you take them with?

A Canon EOS Rebel t7

Ah Rebel t7 Good Camera!

Still cant get over how clear they are!

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Expensive too

Nice try, but I can recognize a Carbon S Cub anywhere. One found itself in the unfortunate circumstance of nearly causing a collision with one of my R/C jets a while back. ;)

You can post R/C stuff over here. Solid pics nonetheless!