Cub at 98,000 feet

Look what I found!


What how did that guy go that fast?

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I honestly don’t know!! They aren’t there anymore, but I’m flying KLAX-RKSI on an Asiana A350 in training

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Oh ok, I mean I’ve flown over 100000ft but not with that speed though!

Its a glitch with the prop aircraft unfortunately. They are able to go so high for some reason. No word on when it will be fixed, but it is noted.

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An XCub racing the Concorde!

I guess it’s a glitch which allows the XCub to fly that high. Once it reaches high altitudes, it’s speed increases.

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This must be why IF tops the racing charts 😂😂😂


Just hours earlier, I was flying SR-22 at 9000 kts at about 120000ft in live, it was about mach 13!

@Burt how did u do that though? I’m currently trying to get to space on an X-Cub

mhmmm… Martians

I knew they were real 🤭