Cub Aerobatics around Hawaii!

Hey Guys! So Yesterday @Captain_Zen and I took a short XCub Aerobatic Flight! Here are some of the pictures!

Flight Information

Server - Casual

Location - Hawaii

Route - PHOG (Through the Valleys) to PHTO

See the photos below!
Just took off from PHOG, heading for the valley!

Now entering the Valley!!

Starting our Aerobatics!

Heading out the other side of the valley towards PHTO

Close to final… we tried to touch tires!

Thanks for Looking and have a great day!


What an amazing flight guys!


Do you mean PHTO-PHKO? PHOG-PHKO is mostly over the ocean…

Noice pics, they look a bit difficult to choreograph lol. Some expert pilots doing some casual things in an expert way in a casual place.

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Yup meant PHTO lol… thanks for pointing that out Haha.

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