CSA Czech Airlines A319-112 (OK-MEL)

Older one is closed (for this remake), but there is an another one which isn’t closed

Hello everyone, and welcome to an another request!

Today, I’m requesting an airline, that literally, nobody gives attentions @candrej, @Igor_M, @iLukas-Prague etc, are the exceptions: CSA Czech Republic Airlines


Czech Airlines is the flag carrier of Czech / Czech Republic that was found in October 1923 (it is one of the most oldest airline in the world!)
Their main hub is Václav Havel Prague Airport.
They serve 22 destinations in 2021.
They carried 2.26 million of passengers in 2016.
Czech Airlines Technic is responsible for the maintenance of their two (in 2021) aircraft, an A319 and an A320.
The C-Series / A220 were supposed to be delivered in 2021, the A321XL will be delivered by 2023…
Alliance is SkyTeam…

OK-MEL is an Airbus A319-112 that was made in 2007 (it is now stored or scrapped at Cotswold Airport, in the UK since August 2020).
It is equipped with the CFM56-5B4/3’s engines.
His Serial Number is 3094.

I want this livery to be add in IF, because there is a huge lack of liveries from the Eastern Europe (Air Serbia, Air Albania, SmartWings…)
And there isn’t Czechian airlines in IF, and Czech is very one of the very least used country in IF (SmartWings is also needed).
The addition of Czech Airlines will open more diversity and it will make Prague Airport more interesting (traffic…)

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Then why make another one?

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then flag it 😉

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The other one is closed


OK-REQUEST, an another A319-112 of CSA Czech is the only one who is currently active

Photo by Adam Lanzen on Jetphotos



I didn’t know this company, it would be cool to fly to Prague with