CS300 @JFK in the jetblue hanger

According to According to @ShaquilleAKhan, a JFK air traffic controller who is on twitter. There is currently a CS300 in the jetBlue hanger.

Credits: Airline Flyer

I am surprised that they are interested in the CS300, would have expected them to be interested in the CS100. Though I am a big supporter of jetBlue switching from the E190’s to the CSeries.


Why would it be at JFK’s hanger though?? I dont think they would be repainting it for a announcement?


I never thought that Jetblue would be interested in the CS300 and really what routes would they use it for?


Because the E195 E2 was in the jetBlue hanger last month. According to Jason Rabinowitz “they are shoping around”
Credit: Jason Rabinowitz


How come I’ve Never heard of they E195-E2?

B6’s E190 fleet has been under a fleet review for almost a year, they have been deciding if they want to keep their E190’s, or replace them with E190E2’s, E195E2’s, or the CSeries

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Personally I think they should replace them with the E195’s, as they already have Embraer, so they should stick with it.

I can see it going both ways. On one hand, the E2 has commonality with the current Embraer fleet, but on the other hand, the CSeries has greater potential with Airbus in charge and will supposedly have commonality with future Airbus planes. Also, the CSeries has a wider cabin, so they can possibly implement a sort of modified Mint cabin on them. suppose that the E2 might be better in the short run, but that the CSeries might be better in the long run. Just my 2 cents.


Here is a video of the CS300 at JFK https://www.instagram.com/p/Bge1k3ylprR/

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I find this quite interesting. Don’t know much about the c-series, but dosent it compete directly with the 737 and A320? Or does it compete with E-190s or A319s?

Should be competing with the CRJ’s or the E series. Not directly with the 737-7MAX or the A319

Interesting to see jetblue shopping, are they considering the Max 7’s?

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I have no idea, but I would love to see the max with them. Actually I curious that livery would either look great on that plane, or not great. Like the Alaska livery on the A320, I don’t like it.

B6’s E190 feet is used for short flights mostly, I don’t think the 737-7 MAX would fit in that category. I’m a little unfamiliar with the MAX series though, so I’m not sure if it would fit that need.

I don’t feel like they will ever consider the MAX 7. They are operating A320s and unless they need the extra range, they won’t take either the 737-7 or A319NEO, especially the 737-7. They will likely take the CSeries or the E2.

Fair enough, I felt the Max7 didn’t fit as well in the same category as the E jets.

I would love to see them buy the E jets because I feel like crew training and costs would be cheaper and just be more efficient in general

From my knowledge they are not considering the max series. It based on the airlines current fleet as well as there past fleet.

Also as someone who grew up as a B6 Fan boy I read the main books on the airlines history as well as David Neeleman there founder and CEO till 2008. When the airline originally picked the A320 over the 737, what set them apart was that the A320 had a slightly wider cabin, if you look at the CSeries 5 a-breast cabin the typical worst seat (the middle) is has been made an inch wider than the windows as well as the aisle seats. It’s an airline based on PAX EX and I fear they have lost some of this as there current CEO Robin Hayes took over as a financial person. The other big sell on the CSeries is the eventual integration into future versions of the A320 as Airbus takes the CSeries program over. Longterm they would have a common cockpit between all of their aircraft.

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