Crystal Luxury unavailable in airlines list

Hi team,

Would it be possible to include the “Crystal Luxury” airline to the list of airlines available when choosing a callsign please? Maybe I’m missing something but can’t find it in there and therefore unable to match a suitable callsign for the smashing new Crystal 777-200LR.

I was going to put this in features but thought it would better in here as it’s already an available aircraft.

Thank you kindly.

Yea I could find it wither

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I don’t know Crystal Luxury’s callsign but I believe they use country registrations rather then something like “Crystal”

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according to this website
its Cyrstal

heres a website on the airline

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Search for a P4-XTL somewhere

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Thank you, I did see that topic but that’s the reg. I would have used that if you could add a custom callsign, but you can’t now in 20.2. Has to go through an airline or country code, non of which will match to Crystal :-)

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P4-XXX falls under Aruba. You can try that for the time being.

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Thank you @Tsumia - and you can add the “XTL” to complete the callsign. Good times.

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