Crystal Luxury Airlines Flight Number

So I’m planning on flying from Vienna (LOWW) to Saint Maarten (TNCM) and I would like to fly on the Crystal Luxury Air 777-200lr, would anyone know the flight number they use to operate this route?

I recommend checking out the 777-200LR routes database. Not only does it show routes for this airline, but it shows all other included liveries and will continue to be updated.

The Boeing 777-200LR Route Database

Not for Crystal though.


Have they operated this route in the past? If not, you may have to make one up.

The route-selling part of their website has not been updated for three years, so there won’t be any definitive current routes from there.

CS772/CXB772 & Starlux 772

What Thomas said above is the callsign used for all of their flights, no matter the route.

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