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Crystal Luxury Air

Clean-looking, pure and elegant - that’s my first impression of this stunning livery. Yet we cannot find a route in the B77L route database … Thus I did some research on this recently, and find out an entire new world to explore.

The Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR “Crystal Skye” (P4-XTL)


This luxurious aircraft holds an all first-class configuration, with a maximum capacity of 88 guests. There are also flight attendants and staffs serving every flights. They are:

  • 12 Crystal Skye Butlers
  • 3-4 Pilots(for shifts in long-hauls)
  • 1 technical engineer
  • 1 Ops manager
  • 1 Executive Chef
  • guest lecturers and special hosts(Optional)

That is to say, the maximum amount of passengers on this aircraft is around 110. I would assume the passenger number on a normal operation is about 60-70.

As for the luggages it can handle, the maximum capacity is approximately 300 standard suitcases, which weigh about 8 tons.


The lower cargo deck is available for carrying cargo worldwide. It can handle up to 105,000 lbs /
48 tons cargo payload. but in IF, the maximum cargo capacity of B77L is 20 tons. So you can put in as much cargo as you want because it’s well inside the limit.


Here comes the most interesting part: where does this aircraft fly?

Route Map

Their official website (Asia) offers a route map, based on 3 different locations: Los Angeles (KLAX), London(EGLL) and Beijing (ZBAA).

Since it’s a charter airline, you can basically fly every routes out of the 3 hubs. Many of the routes now features 3D buildings which can really spice up your flight.

The list with ICAO codes are as follows:

LAX base

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance
KLAX KJFK 2147nm
KLAX PANC 2035nm
KLAX PHNL 2217nm
KLAX SPJC 3630nm
KLAX SCEL 4853nm
KLAX SAEZ 5326nm
KLAX SBGL 5476nm
KLAX UUEE 5268nm
KLAX EGLL 4730nm
KLAX ZBAA 5418nm
KLAX VHHH 6297nm
KLAX WSSS 7613nm
KLAX VIDP 6952nm
KLAX OMDB 7235nm
KLAX HKJK 8409nm
KLAX HECA 6598nm
KLAX DIAP 6421nm
KLAX FAOR 9022nm
KLAX YPPH 8096nm
KLAX YMML 6888nm
KLAX NZAA 5662nm

LHR base

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance
EGLL UUEE 1355nm
EGLL KJFK 2990nm
EGLL KORD 3425nm
EGLL PANC 3887nm
EGLL VIDP 3636nm
EGLL ZBAA 4403nm
EGLL VHHH 5201nm
EGLL RJTT 5180nm
EGLL OMDB 2970nm
EGLL KLAX 4730nm
EGLL SVMI 4033nm
EGLL SPJC 5479nm
EGLL SAEZ 6013nm
EGLL SBGR 5107nm
EGLL FAOR 4901nm
EGLL PHNL 6278nm
EGLL YPPH 7835nm
EGLL WSSS 5877nm
EGLL YPAD 8794nm
EGLL YSSY 9191nm

PEK base

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance
ZBAA VIDP 2058nm
ZBAA WSSS 2424nm
ZBAA OMDB 3157nm
ZBAA UUEE 3131nm
ZBAA EGLL 4403nm
ZBAA YSSY 4840nm
ZBAA PANC 3433nm
ZBAA PHNL 4390nm
ZBAA FAOR 6322nm
ZBAA NZAA 5629nm
ZBAA KJFK 5928nm
ZBAA KORD 5704nm
ZBAA KMIA 6741nm
ZBAA KLAX 5418nm
ZBAA SPJC 8973nm
ZBAA SVMI 7758nm

Themed Aircruises

The Crystal Aircruises Experience is available for private charter for both leisure travel and group events. These themed flights will take you to some of the most breathtaking places in the world. The official website shows 3 themed aircruises:


Your journey of discovery in the untamed wilds of Kenya begins aboard Crystal Skye. Embark on adventures both rare and astounding, and indulge in the luxurious Crystal Experience renowned for service and comfort.

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance
WMKK HKJK 3895nm
HKJK WMKK 3895nm


Savor every second of this journey to some of the world’s most delectable locales, with experiences that will tantalize your taste buds, as well as your taste for adventure. Venture to the vineyards and wilds of Africa, explore the rolling countryside and classic flavors of Tuscany, and explore the hidden treasures of Spain’s Basque Country.

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance
FACT LIRP 4684nm
LIRP LESO* 530nm

*LESO cannot accommodate a B777-200LR in IF. Can only be done in Solo or Casual Server, or choose LEMD / LEBL as alternate destination.


Embark on a journey showcasing the distinctly captivating cultures of some of the world’s most
fascinating locales, from Rome’s Colosseum to Abu Dhabi’s skyscraping towers, complemented
by Mother Nature’s masterpieces in the Maldives.

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance
VRMM OMAA 1634nm
OMAA LIRF 2343nm

Chartered Flight Service

The charter company also provide charter flight services for private customers from sports clubs to celebrities who have the ability to afford the price. I found some interesting charter flight for you to recreate:

Dep. Airport Arr. Airport Distance Notes
EGKK KBOS 2845nm Carrying Chelsea FC across the Atlantic to play a charity match against New England Revolution.
KDFW ZSPD 6376nm
ZGSZ KDFW 7034nm The above three are the 2018 NBA China Game Dallas Mavericks’s chartered flight.
WSSS YSSY 3399nm
YSSY PHNL 4412nm
PHNL WSSS 5826nm The above three are a New Year’s Eve charter flight running SIN-SYD-HNL-SIN. You can experience the New Year in SYD and later in HNL again.

All the flights are under the callsign of CXB772.


Crystal Air official website (You can find the brochures here)
Comlux Aruba, the operator of this aircraft

And that’s all! Here’s an invitation to explore the world with this aircraft! Be sure to make soft landings in order to please your distinguished guests though :)


Cool thread! I need to try later one of these routes

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Really helpful thread might fly with it later 😄

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No way, does the 777 even have that kind of range? When Delta was running the Atlanta to Jo’burg route they were stretching it. If this is real it’s incredible

Bear in mind that Delta has probably 3-4 times as many passengers on board…so the load factors can play a big difference.


Here are some interesting facts about the Crystal Luxury Air plane as well:

  • It’s currently owned by Malaysian gaming and tourism conglomerate, Genting Group, after the acquisition of Los Angeles based Crystal Cruises.

  • It was in the operations of Air Austral until 2015, when it was sold to Crystal Cruises which then founded their Crystal Skye subsidiary for the ultra-wealthy customers.

  • Since 2020, it has operated numerous cargo flights, in an effort to minimise losses, as well as exploit revenue in an otherwise deflated market.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped people like Kim Kardashian from chartering this plane for her flight to Tahiti from Los Angeles, and back, to celebrate her 40th birthday. Not to mention, they have been sought after by football clubs such as Manchester United, who chartered the plane for a flight from Manchester to Perth and back in the summer of 2019.

They had also been the transport option of choice for the Uruguayan national football team back in 2018, when they chartered the plane from Montevideo to Moscow for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

There has also definitely been a number of more undisclosed clients, seeing as the plane had flew from Denver to Kilimanjaro, and Kilimanjaro to New York, all of these flights non-stop, of course.

A look at reality may suggest that the plane has been hauling cargo too. Having flown between Shanghai and Los Angeles 6 times over the summer may indicate that they might be bringing in vital supplies to aid with the pandemic.

All in all, this plane has seen quite the number of high profile clients. Not to mention the numerous destinations it has been to, catering to the needs of each of their clients.


Kim Kardashian, and operations in the summer of 2020

Manchester United to Perth for exhibition match

Uruguayan national football team to Moscow for 2018 FIFA World Cup


Really great thread! Cant wait to fly some of these routes :)

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Thanks for the useful information. Here are some cool pictures of cabin. Really Amazing!

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