Crusing ALT


Im flying in the dash right now at 15 thousand and its is a very rough flight right now with tail winds of 24Knots rocking the plane like a cradle. Is anyone on live and has found a Farley smooth ALT to fly at?


FL220 was pretty smooth for me earlier.

Well you kinda need to specify where your at don’t ya think?

10.7NM of KMYF.

FL250 at 240 kts is the typical cruise speed / Alltidute …

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At that altitude I go at 300kts.

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Alright I’m now 6.7NM of KSNE its Farley smooth I’m at 7 thousand with 7Knots wind 250*M.

As I said, that’s the typical alt / speed but you could also fly your own way …

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You should have seen my crosswind landing, it must of been to painful for passengers

Was up at FL380 at M082 and it was pretty smooth hilts I did a 400nm flight. Sadly I had to disconnect before I reached TOD Was pretty smooth ( this was about 6 hrs ago!)

Yeah same here lol. I was to the side of the runway (by a lot) and almost completely missed the runway during the landing


400nm, 4hs flying? I can’t take so much time being seated.

400nm flight is about an hours flight.

Take off YSSY then proceed in a anti-clockwise direction around region and back to YSSY at about FL380. on this trip I had finish the flight before I got to TOD which was a shame.