Cruising Speeds

I was just wondering what speed everyone cruises at. I generally do about mach 0.82 but I don’t know if that’s a bit too slow, what speed do you pilots cruise at ?

Most commercial airliners do travel at about Mach 0.82-0.83 :)

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Cool, thank you :)

A320 Family & 737 Family: M0.78
A330/A340: M0.80-M0.82
A350: M0.85
A380: M0.85
B747: M0.86
B757/767: M0.80
B777: M0.84
B787: M0.85

Above are the recommended cruise speeds for most of the commercial aircraft


Ah, perfect. Thank you very much :)

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What about the DC10/MD11

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I do M 0.82.

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DC-10 is M 0.82

MD-11 is anywhere between M 0.83-0.86


Thanks dude

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Hey just want to drop this topic below as it includes all the cruise speeds as well. Very useful topic! Check it out.


Mostly depends on the aircraft your flying.

I thought 737 family was mach .79, I know the 900 is. Anyways I travel at the speed of light. Don’t worry bout the machs. Just make sure you know which flight altitude your suppose to be at. 😆

Wikipedia will have a typical cruise speed usually. 737 is like .77-.79.

Here’s what I do (with what I usually fly):
A320/321 M0.82-0.85
A333/332F M0.85-0.87
A359 M0.85-0.90

737 M0.82-0.85
767 M0.83-0.86
777 M0.85-0.90
787 M0.85-0.90

Regional Aircraft
DH8F M0.57-0.60 @ FL280+
CRJ2/7 M0.84-0.88
E170/175/190 M0.82-0.85

MD-11 M0.85-0.87

SR22T M0.38-0.40 @ FL280+

F-22 M1.85-2.10 @ FL450+

Hot Air Balloon 400kts (Casually)

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As a member mentioned above, Wiki contains the various cruising speeds of various aircraft. Each aircraft has a different cruising speed. As a point of realism, do bear in mind that aircraft do not stick to one cruising speed for the entire duration of the flight. The FMC (Flight Management Computer) determines the optimal cruising speeds for different altitudes, but of course there’s no FMC in IF (yet?), so just stick to the numbers Wikipedia tells you.

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These are all way too high - you should use the internet to find the actual cruise speeds for these aircraft

Chill here buddy, did you notice on each aircraft I gave in a range instead of a fixed speed? These aircraft are all designed to go within M0.05 of their nominated cruise speeds. The cruise Mach values you see on the internet are only reference values optimized for all cruise levels and wind conditions. In reality there are A320s and 737s that went M0.85 and MD-11 that went M0.86 and so on due to wind conditions, scheduling, weather, and cruise altitude, etc.

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