Cruising speeds..?

I am Grade 3, and I see other pilots cruising at speeds above 450kts. And I have a limit at 350kts. Is there a reason for that?

The speed you are seeing from the other pilots is the ground speed. This is higher than the airspeed.


That is ground speed.

Those 450kts are the Ground Speed (GS). That is not the indicated airspeed that you can set on your autopilot or see at the HUD. If you check your ground speed, it should be similar.

That speed changes, depending in weather, altitude, aircraft, and of course thrust.

(If I’m wrong please correct me)

There are red markings from 350 onwards. If I cross I get warnings to reduce. Or else it’s a violation!

You don’t have to cross the overspeed line to match 450 knots…for the 777, just be at 310 knots airspeed and your ground speed will reach 450 knots very soon the higher you go

Understood, thank you. (But, why red marks on the number from 350 onwards?)

You’re looking at the wrong speed. You’re talking about IAS. Ground speed is what we see when looking at other aircraft.

Here I am flying at 250 KIAS, but my ground speed is 427.

The red marks for airspeed are there as in indicator that you’re flying too fast. The physics and limitations of the aircraft in Infinite Flight are the same as real life. In real life, the aircraft would start falling apart at those greater speeds.

That’s over speeding if your aircraft over speeds it’ll basically fall apart. (In real life but in IF it’s not simulated)

@Rohit_Malkud sorry for the tag wanted to make sure you understood that I was replying to your post about the “red dots”

Ground speed

Ok, but why have the red dots from 350? Why do they exist when we are not supposed to even go there at all?

I am still yet to comprehend the logic of having those number beyond 350 and then marking them red to not cross. Why have them at all on the screen then if we are not allowed to cross it?

Some planes like the F-22 are made to go above 350 knots. The airliners are not suited for those speeds.

It is because in theory the plane CAN go faster than that but it is not designed to. Much like the speedometer on a car goes above what the car can do. It doesn’t stop you at the speed limit.

Ok. I think I have some clarity now.
Thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot for helping me out. I have some clarity now. :)

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Thank you all. Cheers!

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