Cruising Speed

What is the normal cruising speed(Airspeed) in infinite flight at about 30000ft?

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Airspeed usually 330 knots.
But you have to watch at the Mach speed.
Depending on the aircraft, cruising speeds are between M 0.78 and M 0.85

@nickdubest 900-950 km/h is correct, but it’s referred to the Ground Speed, so the equivalent knots indication should be Ground Speed as well.

Going as fast as you can is never the best choise, especially at high altitudes.
Overspeed and Rudder Ratio are warnings indicating that you are going too fast causing damage to the aircraft. But they aren’t featured in Infinite Flight.
Make a Google search of what is called “Coffin corner”.

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M 0.78 to M 0.82 depending on a/c. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster.

Long live the DC-9!

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C-17 did it alot.

717 does it on autopilot when you go too fast.

From my understanding, whenever you fly a plane too fast, it will pitch up/down.

I used to think it was a glitch but then I learned that it meant I was going too fast.

Long live the DC-9!


@Laurens… Hitting the “Q”, going ballistic, been there done that! Lauren’s ya got a full flight bag… Regards, Max

Just do some research on the net - you will be able to find the cruise speed for each aircraft, even if it’s just on Wikipedia!

That’s because the autopilot can’t handle the speed, right?

Correct me if I’m wrong, for wide body It’s mach 0.85, for supers (a380 and 747) mach 0.89 and for narrow body mach 0.82.

The fastest commercial jet in the App is the C750, which cruises at M 0.90.
The second fastest is the A388, with M 0.85.
Narrow bodies like the B737 cruise at M 0.78.

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Didn’t feel like creating a new thread so here we go:

How about we can select the Mach instead of the IAS. Basically it’s not a problem controlling Mach speed with IAS but selecting the Mach number would be much easier. I think above FL200 you are able to select Mach and most of my flights are at max FL150. Thoughts?

At the moment, IF defaults from IAS to Mach once you have crossed FL280.

Most commercial aircraft have a IAS/Mach selector switch on the autopilot panel.

I guess it could be handy to also have a selector switch on the IF autopilot panel, however it does create an extra button in an already limited space.

My airspeed slways goes down at level 300