Cruising speed

Why am I not allowed to exceed 350 Knots when I am obove 10,000 feet? I immediately receive warnings and ultimately get a violation. I am a level 3. Thanks!

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The reason is because this 350kts speed read out is the Indicated Airspeed. As you climb in altitude you’ll notice your groundspeed pick up. The speed you see displayed on other aircraft is the groundspeed read out. Most aircraft we have both in Infinite Flight and in the real world do not cruise at 350kts indicated due to aircraft structural limitations.


To avoid this, accelerate to 270kn after 10,000ft. Then after 18,000ft, accelerate to 335-340kn. Decrease the speed if your N1 is over 100% until cruise, in which you set your cruise speed (varies from aircraft to aircraft).

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Here you go.


Actually you know what you received the violation for! I received one and have no idea for what reason. Unfortunately there is no chance to see, which flight caused the violation, as there is no relevant entry in the logbook. I was just wondering why I’m no longer grade 5…but Grade 2 instead.

Can we go over 350knts when above 40000ft?

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NO you cannot. KIAS drops as you gain altitude. 350 KIAS above 40,000 is equivalent to like Mach 2. Mach 2 being twice the speed of sound.


That was an old artificial limitation on fighters because of the small size of regions in the sim which has been removed.

The 350 KIAS limitations on commercial airliners is based on real-world limitations and the structural integrity of the plane.

No commercial airliner ever sets their airspeed to 450 knots.


Can I go over 350 KIAS above 40,000 in a fighter?

Can you read the post literally just above what you wrote?

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Yes you can go above 350 KIAS at any altitude in a fighter.

…so I’m just going to assume you’re very new to this. Also personal research would help if you’re not sure about something. You won’t learn anything if given the answers all the time 😉

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