Cruising speed for B777-200er

What’s the cruise speed for b772 at 33k

I’d say M0.84.

Typical cruise speed for the 200ER is anywhere between M0.82 - M0.85 at any altitude above FL280

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I see you’ve created this topic asking for a cruise speed, along with a topic previously where you have asked for a god cruise speed for the B738. So let me help you out a bit :).

Adding onto what my fellow community members have stated above, this website is a brilliant website for finding out the cruise speed of various aircraft. It’s got all different aircraft on there and, for the commercial aircraft included in Infinite Flight at least, the minimum of the cruise speed information is provided.

It also includes various information such as climb/descent profiles and speeds, etc. for some of the different aircraft listed on the site (not all).


Oh thank you so much i’ll be sure to use that in the future!


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