Cruising power for Cessna 172

What should my throttle percentage read when I am at cruising altitude in a Cessna 172? The flight manuals express it in RPMs, but I don’t know how that translates on the PWR slider in IF. Thanks in advance.


Green part is the speed you want to be in


Ive heard cessnas typically cruise 140kts?

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There’s quite a few types. The 182, the 208 depends on the specific type


cessna 172 typically cruises at 100-105 knots or roughly 65-75 percent throttle


Thanks. I was referring to the Cessna 172 used in InfiniteFlight. Question answered.

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IRL I’ll always tryed to be at around 90knots in 152 and 172:)

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You guys are really cool, but I am still not seeing how the percentage throttle matches up with where I should be with RPM in InfiniteFlight simulation, since that is what I am using :-)

Maybe I just need an RPM indicator in the IF simulator?

Thanks. I think that it is important for people who are serious about aviation to help the newbies out. For some it is a game, and that is fine. But we should help serious aviation students too. Experts did not always know what they know now. Let’s try to be kind and teach. Just my perspective.

Still not sure how VR speed translates to RPM

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Does the POH not give you a normal airspeed for cruise?

Yes. But throttle in IF gives percentage; not RPM.

I am seeking apples-to-apples throttle percentage to RPM in a Cessna 172 in IF, if that is possible.

The texts “speak” in RPM, but there are no RPM indicators in IF; only percentage of throttle.

Yes, but the texts “speak” in RPM. In IF it is percentage of throttle. I am trying to be more accurate in IF.

The most you can do as of now is either take @N1DG as a real world C172 pilot’s advice. Or else match your throttle with the speed indicated at what I’ve shown. There’s no rpm indicator in game yet so it’s hard to translate it

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