Cruising flat

Some planes, like A340 and 767 can cruise at high altitude when heavy, flat. But other planes like 747 and 777, always facing upwards pitch up because too heavy even 30% load. But why some planes can cruise flat when 98% load like 32000 feet?

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Some planes tend to pitch up at cruising

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Different planes have different physics, and also some planes are pretty old so the accuracy of their physics is off in the game.


To elaborate a bit on what was said above - the 340, 767, 757 and other “older” planes in the game have inaccurate physics. This causes them to cruise flatter. The “newer” planes (777, 359, 320) have more accurate physics. In real life, the plane will be slightly pitched up during cruise.


Wings like B787s are highly aerodynamic, meaning that they produce a lot of lift. A higher AOA results in less airflow over the wings to stay level.

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787 has another issue actually: 787 actually uses flaps to get better aerodynamics in cruise. This means that the IF aoa at around 2.5 deg is higher than irl. Some people do flaps 5 (I would too if trying to do sunrise) to simulate that, but that drops leading edge as well (which is unrealistic), although it does save fuel

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the 757 likes to pitch down during cruising

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It’s normal for planes to pitch up during cruise, at around 2 degrees…
some planes in IF do not reproduce that because they are old and not updated with new physics

Some of the older planes in the sim have a few issues with the physics so this will happen until a rework is published

Also, aoa does depend on altitude

Having to pitch up during cruise is completely normal, it happens everyday, as long as you’re flying the right speed and the degree of pitch isn’t too high, everything will be okay!

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