Cruising down to Juneau

Today I had the pleasure of flying my very first flight for @AlaskaAirlinesVA . For my first flight for the Virtual Airline I decided to do the fun and scenic route of Anchorage to Juneau.

Flight Details
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Alaska 737-900 (2016)
Flight time: 1:15

At the gate in Anchorage


Climb out

Nice views from the Cockpit!

Mountains at TOD

Descending into Juneau

Wing view overlooking the mountains

Almost there!

On approach doing the RNAV for RWY 08

Arrived at the gate in Juneau

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Wow, wow! Those are very lovely shots! I hope you had a great flight. And thanks for flying with us!

Alaska Airlines Virtual Staff Team


Thank you 😊

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Alaska never disappoints


it was a really nice flight for sure

Juneau’s city and airport is very beatiful, I love it, nice shots mate

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YEAH! ALASKA!! (the state; don’t care about the airline lol)

Awesome photos! 👏 🔥

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Thank you 😊

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Thank you yeah Alaska is very scenic

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