Cruising at FL400?

I always use SimBreif for the flight and this time it was a flight KLAX to RKSI with A359. For this flight the flightplan recommended me to cruise at FL400 after some stepclimbs. Is cruising at FL400 is usual in real flight?

Yes. :)


Yes even to FL430 on some flights, make sure you’re light tho


You can go to FL430 in a A350 maximum is around FL450

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If the weight allows it and on board computer recommends it, FL400 is not unusual. The A380 flies that high and even higher too.

However some brief plane profiles aren’t well calibrated for IF’s physics. In other words, you may not burn less fuel by climbing based on SimBrief recommended stepclimb profile.


Not just FL400, aircraft frequently cruse as high as FL430, especially on long hauls. However, some planes top out at around FL390 - for example, the A320 family of aircraft.

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