Cruising at a high angle.

I dont know if anyone else experiences this (unfortunately I dont have a picture of it) but when flying upon reaching cruising altitude does anyone elses plane cruise like it’s still climbing at +2500fpm. The only plane for me that doesnt do this is the 757 which pitches down. The e170/75 aren’t too bad either. I’ve tried using trim but that doesn’t do much to help. Sometimes it even makes it worse. For example the other day I was using that a380 and ended up at that high angle then woke up and was cruising at 160kts IAS and the wings were doing weird circle patterns. The only way I’ve been able to fix this high angle is to set the flaps.

Hummmm strange maybe try putting VS on 0 when getting close to you cursing altitude it has never happened to me or take it off AP Mode and try calibrating your screen

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@KGJT-9149 Then This means that you are cruising too high…
Check this out for help:

I usually do my VSs is stages.
After Takeoff: 2500-3000fpm
Passing 10000ft: 1500-2500fpm
Passing 28000ft: 1000fpm
2000ft from cruise altitude: 500-1000fpm


Did you step climb.?

I do occasionally but not if it’s a flight I start right before I’m about to go to sleep. If I’m awake I do but not always

That’s the problem I see. You need to step climb with heavier aircraft in order to maintain a stable flight.

Ok. I will try that on my next flight @LoL_SmAsH

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Unfortunately I don’t think it’s a matter of altitude. For example I was cruising at FL320 in a MD11F and it was still at that high pitch

Not really, any higher and it would be if it was fully loaded but they can manage a 3000 ft climb too 10,000, and to answer the question, sounds like you were too high for the weight and type of aircraft, suggestions have been made already on how to prevent that:) But sum it up, any higher and you would’ve been going down like a rock. But if you’re extremely heavy, step climb, in the A388 if you’re near it’s MTOW don’t go above FL330 because it’s not fun

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If it’s high pitched, and it’s not weight and all that. Then you’re speed is too slow

Upon passing FL100 I set speed to 320IAS and that translates to M0.85-0.88 once I pass FL280

🤨 interesting. Is your balance in the aircraft proper? With the fuel because synchronized and same with the cargo?

I dont know if the fact that most of my flights like the one with the A388 originate from KDEN which is already at roughly 5400 ft in elevation

That wouldn’t cause any issues, for cruise.

I dont exactly know what you mean. Do you mean having the same weight in fuel as I would cargo?

He means if you have the synchronized thing on in the settings. If you go to the page where you set fuel level, there should be an option to synchronize the fuel tanks and cargo.

That’s what i mean. if you don’t have synchronization selected and all cargo in the back that will cause many issues

Oh. I usually leave that on. In fact I dont remember a time I didnt have it on

What if I were to put all cargo in the front since it usually seems heavy at the rear