Cruising around Dubai!

Today I took a short hop around Dubai in the IF 737-700BBJ, specifically from Abu Dubai to Dubai Int’l. So, a super short, but fun flight. Here’s some pics!

I started my flight at Abu Dubai airport. There was some crosswind on takeoff, but I eventually got in the air.

While cruising, I saw the palm islands, I’ve gotta say, the coast of Dubai looks stunning!

I passed over the airport on my Approach, it was actually a pretty quiet time when I flew by, earlier, there was maybe 20 planes at 30L.

An Emirates A380 behind me an approach to Dubai.

Flaps, air brakes and thrust reversers deployed, here I saw @AarkonTV while landing.

I saw another A380 while taxiing. I felt like I was the smallest plane at the airport, which I was.

😄 I hope you enjoyed these shots, more coming soon! 😄


Very good photos.


Amazing pictures!


Thanks for the support guys!