Cruising altitudes

Whats the maximum cruising altitude of the big planes in the app though i truely understand it depends with the weight

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Search the aircraft along with the maximum ceiling or altitude on Google, it usually gives you the answer.

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I tried a380 says FL410 but in IF i tried and it wasnt possible i just stalled…light not heavy

What VS did you use?

4500 which isnt even possible too for a long time.thats the vs on google but i dont really believe it someone really needs to correct me

Sorry i used 3500 at first and decreased it with altitude change

Yea, if you’re up at 41000 ft don’t use too much of a vertical speed.

Google says it climbs to FL 410 in 10mins is that possible in IF withe a VS of 4500 at first

@Samuel123abc have you tried it yourself

finally made it…fyukxx!!

Just an fyi the higher you go into the sky the thinner the air and because of this you need more thrust than normal to also help sustain your climb also decrease VS as well

Really tough though…but they manage it in real life with 50-60% thrust mine was 95% with flap 1+f not to stall…which doesnt seem realistic

You should not have flaps on during climb, you raise them quite early after takeoff.

Good…but would be better if you made a tutorial

Any aircraft will not be able to climb straight away to the optimum altitude (most fuel efficient cruising level) but commercial aircraft will step climb to stay as close to the optimum altitude as possible, the further into the flight, the lighter the aircraft this the higher altitude it can climb to… Take a look at the BA 747’s that fly transatlantic, they normally start off at 33,000/35,000ft and then climb to 37,000/39,000 when they are lighter