Cruising altitude

Is it normal to fly at 25,000 feet from LAX to SFO?

What are some route appropriate altitudes?


It’s about 400 nm so for me I’d cruise at like FL350. You have enough time to climb and stay up there for a bit before starting the arrival portion of your flight.

SWA479 is flying the route currently and they filed FL360.

Some other aircraft that flew the route today filed FL380 and FL300.

well, its ok if you are going to fly 25,000 ft in about 2/5 of the flight, but it might have a hard time descending

I’m not sure. Try out simbrief. It automatically gives you a flight plan and cruise altitude, fuel amount and other things too!

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I use simbrief every single flight because it tells a lot of info about the flight

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Basically you can cruise at whatever altitude you like. I did this route before and cruised at FL240.
But if you strive for realism it’s best to check Flightradar24 for real statistics.

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yeah thats one tool

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