Cruising Altitude

Helo, I was wondering about cruising altitude and weight. So if I do like a 5000 nm flight what flight level should I be cruising at? And what can I use to calculate how much fuel I need?

Hello there, even if you don’t need certain information ie a flight plan, you can still use fpltoif to get things such as cruise alts, speeds etc. See below:


Thank you so much

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Also, just to let you know, if you are flying east (0-179 heading) always fly at and odd altitude. (FL310, 330, 350 etc)

If you are flying west (179-359 heading) always fly at an even altitude. (FL300, 320, 340 etc)


If you’re doing a long flight, its suggested that you step climb, which means after takeoff you cruise FL300-330 and as you become lighter, climb higher for maximum fuel efficiency


just to add up the user guide page to Cruising and step-climbing here.

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