Cruising altitude?

I’m always with the A319 and I make the flight from KLAX to KSAN a lot and I come in on RW27 at KSAN. I fly at about 15,000ft but I’m starting to think that that is to low. What are good altitudes for different regions? Please help w this thanks. Oh and I cruise at 250Knts when at that altitude. Thks

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Hy, me I fly at FL110, for the speed, it’s limited from 0ft to 10’000ft, after you can go at 350/450Knts if you want. But 250Knts at 15’000ft is to low (for me).

Have a nice flight ! :-)

That’s actually too high.
In real world the cruise altitude for commercial jets flying from LAX to SAN is 11.000 ft.
Cruise speed should be around 290 KIAS.



Haha, when I fly that flight I cruise at like 25,000feet


@hmkane please don’t do that on advanced, we will just need to bring you down either way again.

Ajyways, I agree with @Laurens statement.

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That’s very fast, if you’re on Solo/FF/PG server then fair enough, but on advanced this would be difficult to sequence or vector for approach, try to reduce speeds before contacting manned ATC frequencies

Try to maintain a proper cruise speed at all times, not only when in contact with manned frequencies.

Now this is about cruising altitude so I won’t go too off-topic.


You are NOT crusing if you get up to FL250 for a second and then start descending.


Wait really?? 11,000? wow that low why? Why so low

Yes I know, it’s just an example 😂😂

Why? I don’t take my flight directly there. I normally depart north then turn east towards Palm Springs then fly as if I took off from Palm spings and fly southeast to San Diego. It’s a long route.

Depends a lot on how long your flight is! If about 100nm then prob FL150 at about 290 kt IAS is about right. I enjoy :doing longer flights around 200-400 nm so I am usually up at FL320-FL390. Part of the fun for me is getting the climb and decent portions of the flight right and realistic as possible. Very satisfying landing a heavy B777 after a long high flight!

Low climb/descent rates for a smooth flight.

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Going the direct way I usually don’t climb higher than FL110-120 w/ speed 280-300kts

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