Cruising Altitude of short-haul flights like LGA-BOS

Ive been thinking to ask this question for a while now so, here it is! When looking at FlightRadar 24, i’ve noticed a lot of short haul flights flying LGA-BOS. Now I’ve been wondering, what would eb the cruising altitude for such a short flight (under 45 mins including taxi)?

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It could be anywhere between 10,000 and FL240. In the scenario of LGA-BOS, the cruise is usually between 16,000 and FL220 but it all depends on air traffic.


BA do Manchester to Heathrow, 200miles I think not too sure, and I think they get to around 16-18000ft

Doha to Dubai flight is around 40 minutes and the cruising altitude is 22,000ft most of the time

Oh yea. For some reason the A321 which occasionally travels between gothenburg and copenhagen gets up to a cruise of FL220 only to stay there for a minute or two. I don’t see how that is economically feasible. The ATR cruise at a max of FL140…


Most likely around 16,000 ft or 18,000 ft

Isle of man to Manchester use 12000ft 25 mins in the air

Isn’t FL220 way to high for such a short flight? Maybe FL190-200 would be more likely ?

I think 22.000ft is the lowest cruising altitude. If we compare to SIN-KUL Flights, Most of the plane will cruise at FL220

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