Cruising Altitude - Nose rocking up and down

I’m flying an 777-300, When I reach 20,000 feet my aircraft nose sways up and down from 19987-20100 range how do I get stability?

First things to look at… what speed are you flying at? What is your vertical speed prior to leveling off? If it’s extremely steep the AP may bob since your level off is so abrupt.


Increase speed once at 10,000ft. This usually means it is stalling.

the higher you climb, the lower you should adjust your vertical speed. That will give you better control of your aircraft and your speed


I was going about 210 knots, I wanna say about 2040 ( Kinda new still figuring everything out ) !

210kts At 20,000ft? That might be a bit on the slow end. Try a speed in the 270-310kt range near that altitude. Sometimes a slow speed can cause the autopilot to chase the altitude it’s looking to reach.


Increase your speed, reduce your vertical speed and thou shall be fine.

Smooth landing and happy flying :)


Increase your speed. I noticed the other day that my plane was struggling to maintain it’s VS of 2500, and then I saw that my speed was only at 200 KIAS at like 15000 feet.

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It could be the wind aloft, sometime it could be 120, or 60 knots. When your high, pressure get low and the winds up in the skies get higher.

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