Cruising altitiude and speed

Hello! Can i ask what is the ideal cruising altitude and airspeed kts for boeing 787-9 klax-egll

Good place to look is and kind of mirror what the flight did on there.

I would encourage checking these two sources as well:

Trying it thank you very much

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You can also search for yesterday’s flight on FlightRadar24 and watch the replay

Another piece of advice i could give is if you’re looking for realism, to fly your plane at the same altitude as the IRL ones then check out FR24 and FlightAware, those two website shows you how the Real life flight stepclimbs and etc… :)

Example: LOT 27 (Polish Airlines) -
You can see how this flight step climbs throughout the flight, just slide “plane” symbol thing… that you’ll be able to find underneath where it says New York and by dragging that white plane symbol, you can see at what altitude the aircraft is at which btw is displayed underneath the plane ;)

This link is also quite helpful for miles per hour or kilometers per hour converted to mach and/or knots.

Wou;d suggest that you have a look at then you can formulate a fl9ght plan that will give you best waypoints as well the correct height and IAS for each stage of the flight.


Edit: See the graph for speed and altitude data through the whole flight as they fluctuate throughout.

Try SimBrief:

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You can find this on

They give you a selection of flight plans for any route and give you information like cruising altitude and speed!

for the 787 as a whole i usually cruise at mach 0.85/0.84 however, the links below will help you out more for all planes and how to step climb and what altitude you cruise at.

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