Cruising alt for long haul/short haul flights

Can anyone suggest suitable cruising altitudes for long and short haul flights? I know there are other posts about this but they didnt include all the info I wanted :P


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This helped me out.


I dont really understand it, Would you wind explaining a little it further?

Sure! So a basic rule for flight altitude states that the distance of your flight plan can determine your altitude. Now since IF lets you fly infinitely, that distance variable would no longer be accurate and you would just choose a realistic flight level, such as FL320. If your flight plan is 205nm, divide that by 7 to find your cruise altitude, 29.29 which would equate to 29,000 feet, or FL290. Does this make sense? Are there any other parts that are confusing that I can help with further?


this is the chart I’d like to use for each airplane just modify it for the infinite flight


This is excellent.

@Flightfan84 That explanation was wonderful, I understand perfectly now! :) Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome! Glad to help out any time. Welcome to the forums and happy flying!

Thanks, You too! :)

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For shorter flights, a good rule of thumb is:
1/3 climb
1/3 cruise
1/3 descent

e.g. a 30min flight means 10min climb. At an avg. climb rate of 1500ft/min, your cruising altitude would be around FL150.

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