Cruising above Australia

Qantas link Dash 8-400 over some amazing scenery!

Aircraft Dash8-400
Cruising Altitude FL210
Cruising Speed 280
Flight Time 58 minutes


nice pics.

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Thanks, much appreciated!

Wow, great pics! Loved the way that all the shots were taken when the aircraft had the same bank angle, it was a nice effect:)

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anyways this image is the awesome.
but just imagine, once the cloud layers will get introduced, it will enhance these kinds of pictures up-to boss level ;-p
No wonder; i cant wait for V-nav, 777 and the clouds.
cheers- keep up the gr8 work & keep enjoying…

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Lovely photos, were these taken near Murray Bridge? Flown this route many times in the sim and in real life, never ceases to amaze.