So I am doing a flight from KSFO to NZAA, and Flightaware said the flight is about 12 and a half hours. Anyone know what speed to do to make it that long?

Well first off what aircraft are you using?

Boeing 777-300ER.

It would be M 0.84.

Don’t forget to step climb😉


Why M 0.84? (Not saying it’s wrong, but how you found out.)

Is this what you do for your flights to find out the speed to keep it at the right time?

Some of us fly so much we remember it.

A320 family: M 0.78
737 NG Family: M 0.76-79
A330 and A340: M 0.82
777: M 0.84
787: M 0.85
And so on…


Thanks for the help! This is my first overnight flight so I’m afraid the plane will go too fast and surpass my destination without me knowing.

After you’re first Long haul, you’ll realize how fun it is. :)

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This is also a good reference I use if I’m ever not sure what a good cruise speed is! It has fuel burns, as well as the economy and max speed for most aircraft.

Another community member recently linked this useful site:

Aircraft Performance Database

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