Cruise Speeds

Recently I’ve seen many pilots flying way faster than they need too. This guide is here to help you.
Feel free to use this for infinte flight!


A318-100- 0.78 Max 0.82

A319-100- 0.78 Max 0.82

A320-200- 0.78 Max 0.82

A321-200- 0.78 Max 0.82

A330-200F- 0.82 Max 0.86

A330-300- 0.82 Max 0.86

A340-600- 0.82 Max 0.86

A380-800- 0.85 Max XXX

American Champion

Super Decathlon- 111 Knts


717-200- 0.77 Max XXX

737-700- 0.78 Max 0.85

737-800- 0.78 Max XXX

737-900- 0.79 Max XXX

747-200- XXX Max 0.76

747-400- 0.85 Max XXX

747-8- 0.85 Max XXX

757-200- 0.80 Max 0.86

767-300- 0.82 Max XXX

777-200ER- 0.84 Max 0.89

777-200LR- 0.84 Max 0.89

777-300ER- 0.84 Max 0.89

787-8– 0.85 Max 0.90

787-9- 0.85 Max 0.90

787-10- 0.85 Max 0.90

C-17 Globemaster III- XXX Max XXX


CRJ-200- 0.74 Max XXX

CRJ-700- 0.78 Max XXX

CRJ-900- 0.75 Max XXX

CRJ-1000- 0.75 Max XXX

Dash-8 Q400- XXX


172 Skyhawk- 122 Knts

208 Caravan- 214 Knts

Citation X- 0.85 Max 0.89


SR22- 183 Knts


E170- 0.75 Max 0.82

E175- 0.75 Max 0.82

E190- 0.78 Max 0.82

E195- 0.78 Max 0.82

Fairchild Republic

A-10- XXX


F-16C- XXX

Lockheed Martin

AC-130- XXX

C-130- XXX

F-22- XXX

P-38- 238 Knts

McDonnell Douglas

DC-10- 0.82 Max 0.88

F/A 18- XXX

MD-11- 0.82 Max 0.88


Spitfire Mk VIII- 163-180 Knts

I’ve left a few out that are the same for example A330-200 and A330-300F. Obviously I’m not perfect and I’m sure a few of these are wrong. If you know the right speed for a aircraft tell me and i will fix it.
Most speeds are in Mach but some are in Knts. This is the second (revised) version.


@DeerCrusher spent some time experimenting to find the most fuel efficient speeds for all of the aircraft, although it isn’t updated for the CRJ 700 and 900.

No no no no no. The average cruise speed for the A320 family is M78-M80. You will not be cruising at M82 in those.

Here are the economical cruise of all the aircraft. If there is no range of speed you can go up one or down .01 of mach speed if you are on a schedule. You will rarely ever go over M86, so rare that . These are the speeds you should be flying at.

Mach Speed:

GS300-360 @FL270

M .85-.89

M .74

M .78

E170 Family
M .75

E190 Family
M .78

M .78

A320 family
M .78-.80

M .82

M .82

A380 Family
M .85

M .77

737 Family
M .79-.80

B747 Family
M …84-.85

B757 Family
M .80-.81

M .82

B777 Family
M .84

B787 Family
M .85

M .82


This seems pointless given planes dont really fly close to their max Mach speed and given that a lot of the time they fly slower. These ranges suggest you should be within them while at cruise but it’s not exactly realistic.


I always flying with widebody aircrafts with 0.80 mach and the narrows with 0.78 mach

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That’s slow for a widebody

Can you change the Super Decathlon to the XCub?

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