Cruise speed

A question I have been wondering about for a long time; how do you decide on the cruise speed? I always used to go max speed without overspeeding, which I know, that was pretty dumb of me.


It depends on the aircraft, for example, the A320’s cruise speed is .78, while the 777 has a cruise speed of .84


.76 or .86?

I was confused too till I looked it up Hes right

alr thanks. is there a way that I can figure out the cruise speed of other aircraft?

0.84 actually


It’s all based on fuel burn and weight. Using a dispatch tool will help

Hi! This affects various factors, such as aircraft. Based on this, cruise speed is decided. There are many topics in the IFC that tell you the correct cruise speed. I hope I have helped you. Bye!

Here’s my list:
777 (all variants) M 0.84
757 M 0.80
787 M 0.85
747 M 0.85
737 (excluding 737-900) M 0.78
737-900 M 0.79
717 M 0.81

A320 family: M 0.79
A220 M 0.80
A330 M 0.83
A330neo M 0.85
A340 M 0.84
A350 M 0.85
A380 M 0.85

CRJ family M 0.77, M 0.81 (high cruise speed)

DC-10-30 M 0.82
MD-11 M 0.83

This is all I have so far


Standard speed for the A320 and 220 would rather be 0,78. A330 is between 0,8 and 0,82.
It is best to find original data for each aircraft in docs such as their respective FCOMs.
My two cents of course!
Happy speeding…


So then am the only one doing 0.80 on a 737-800 right now. (totally didn’t lower mach airspeed upon reading this.)

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