Cruise speed Of the A350

What’s the cruise speed of the A359 at, let’s say FL300.


Mach .85, which is 320KIAS below 28,000


The A350 tends to cruise at Mach 0.84-0.86.

Happy flying :)


Thank you for your Answers everyone! Happy flying!

Well, I fly the A350 at it’s limits I fly at M.89 or M.92

please don’t sue me for being not realistic

Ugh thats so unrealistic

Well i liked being fast enough.

I tend to fly at M.80 to avoid accidental warnings

Transonic a350 lol

Almost lol. Unlike the 787 that can reach 1000+ kts

Not everything has to be realistic. 🙃

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I just wonder when anyone asks what the cruise speed of a plane is, where they get their knowledge? Because most speeds I see are from Wikipedia. 😂. Someone told me they fly C130s at 33 thousand feet because that’s what wiki said. I’ve only known one person to ever go above 32 in a C130 in real life, they said they were floating and barely had control.
So I just wonder how accurate these numbers really are, and maybe some real pilots should answer?

honestly i just go with m.84

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Depends on the weight. The fl330 guy probably flies his c-130s empty and your air force buddy most likely has some kind of a load which does make a big difference. I’ve found wiki to be quite accurate especially with airliners. Simply googling “a350 cruise speed mach” will give you it’s max speed and typical speed.


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