Cruise speed issue for medium range aircraft

I would appreciate some help about the cruise speeds for 737’s and A320’s family. This morning I flew from MMTJ to KJFK with a very strong tail wind. It took me 4:43 hrs. If I had kept the normal 737-7 cruise speed of mach. .77 - .78 I would have been cruising at 600 knots GS. My concern is that in the app “airplanes live” that I have I have never seen a 737 or A320 cruising at speeds ( GS) higher than 470-480 knots even with tail wind which for my flight this morning it meant keeping a mach speed of.68 in order to not exceed 480 knts GS. Yet I see many Infinite Flight pilots and some with 2000+ HRS of flight time exp. cruising with a 737-7 or A320 at 500+ knots ground speed. Is what I have been doing correct? About mantaining ground speeds at no more than 480 knots for a 737 or A320 when facing tail wind.

This is all relative to winds aloft and your cruising altitude. Altitude coupled with Tailwinds and Headwinds impact your GS. What Flight Levels are you utilizing for cruise?


I normally cruise at FL 340 or FL 350

Indicated Air Speed and Ground Speed are going to much different depending on what I mentioned above (Altitude and Winds). Are you sure that you aren’t getting confused with the two?

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Nothing wrong here. If the tailwinds are strong enough, you can reach insane ground speeds. Simple as that :)



This should help explain the times for you.