Cruise Speed At 22,000 feet

I am flying from KMIA-KTPA at 22,000 feet in a Boeing 737-900. For my speed what kts should I do? 285, 300,… Please let me know!

290IAS should be good, around the M0.79-M0.80 range.


Ok thank you!

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.77-78 is cruising speed for 737’s

I’ve seen them go .79 so I don’t see a problem 🤷‍♂️

On short flights like this, aircraft don’t always cruise at their relative Mach speed. Look at the ground speed on the recent flight replay and translate while climbing - sometimes they cruise at 240 the whole way, maybe 260, maybe the Mach.

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They definitely cruise faster
I’d say 300 like mentioned above

Since you’re much lower than 28,000, I’d say 300 IAS

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You’ve probably landed already but in the B737 my climb profile is 250/280/.78

Your speed and vertical speed always depends on aircraft, load, etc. So there’s no set rule of what speed to fly at each altitude, but below 10’000ft your speed should be no greater than 250 IAS ( Indicated Air Speed ).

I suggest you looking into Tyler’s video here —>

He explains everything you need to know about climb and cruise.

If you want this to be more basic, easier take a look at
Once you generate a flight plan it tells your most optimal climb profile.

Back in the day, when I was starting out I usually used this climb profile:

250/280/ Cruise speed

I know this is unrealistic, but i go max safety speed and cruise at 25000 ft for my flights.

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