Cruise Simulated Time

First and foremost I apologize if this idea has been posted before but I have searched and could not find a similar topic. If in case I missed it feel free to close.


We are all here for one if not many reasons but its safe to say we love flying (airplanes) for sure. I have been into flying simulators since I was a kid (mostly combat) and lately into civil or airlines flying simulators.


When Im flying mid, long and ultra long routes here are some of my issues:

  • im playing but im doing nothing
  • Waiting
  • App crashed
  • Disconnects

Proposed solution

“Cruise Simulated Time”

How it works

We do anything normal start from gate, taxi, take off and climb once we’re in cruise altitude and properly configured we can press the simulated time button (2x, 4x or 10x of speed). Once we’re near ToD simulated time will automatically disabled and we’re back into the part that we love (descent, approach land etc)

Possible issue with this idea

While this might not for everyone we can open a new server specifically for this simulated time other rules and restrictions still apply as in the current live servers or we can enable this on live servers with additional stats or indicators that we are time simulated.

To prevent mid air collissions simulated time will automatically disabled if the aircraft are in close proximity of another aircraft and have high chance of collision. (We are expected to be present and in control during the entire flight in cruise simulated time). Or we can be in tunnel of our own time apart from the rest of the traffics.


I don’t see how this would work paired with the Live server.


Maybe a good idea for solo but for sure not live.


Um, that does exist in a way, but it’s a dev feature only. Laura has been known to use a time skipper in the Global testing days. Not to mention, it’s rather unrealistic for live. I would definitely want this in solo or replay though! 😉


While we’re at it how about hyperspace?

edit: I think this would be a great feature for solo for sure, especially if we want to practice our STAR approaches or what not.


So technically its possible?

Yes, but it wouldn’t be the most compatible and professional feature for a flight simulator. It’s only allowed on the dev side for a reason and that reason is for testing like Nate said. If they could they would of already added this since they have the actual feature to do so.

Hyperspace, thats what I mean.

No I was joking :P same reason why IF doesn’t add the Death Star

It completely ruins the idea of doing a “real life” flight on the sim though.

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