Cruise altitudes for some aircrafts

Hiya pilots!

Here is a list of some airplanes and their usual cruise altitude.

Note: Cruise altitudes may vary depending on length of flight

B747-8 - 35,000ft avg.

A319 - 40,000ft avg.

A321 - 36,000ft avg.

A330 - 35,100ft avg.

A340 - 39,000ft avg.

A380 - 38,000ft avg.

C172 - 13,000 avg.

C208 Caravan - 16,000 avg.

Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo - 20,000 avg.

X-Cub - 11,000ft avg.

TBM930 - 25,000ft avg.

Cessna Citation X - 40,000ft avg.

A318 - 36,000ft avg.


I like the idea, but there really isn’t a point in making a topic if you aren’t going to be including all aircraft. You skipped all the CRJ and ERJ aircraft, almost all the Boeings, the majority of the Airbus planes and more.

Not really helpful for others if you don’t provide all information.

Again, love the idea! Just put more effort into it so people can actually reference to it often. 😃


Also to piggyback off of what @PlaneGeek said, a lot of this depends on weight so you could include that too, I’m flying a 777 right now, because I’m late in the flight I’m cruising at 38,000 feet, if I did that early in the flight, I’d stall and crash

I’m curious where you got these from. Do you mind linking a source?

I’ve got them from my general knowledge of aviation. I recommend searching them up on Google or look at the aircraft’s Wikipedia page.

Just to let you know this is not an acceptable height for the A320family. The service ceiling is slightly above 39000feet for the A318-A321.


Closing this since aircraft data can be found on the web as you referenced in the quoted post. Thanks for sharing.