Cruise altitude

What altitude do you fly at during your flight?

Depends on the flight.

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Highly depends on distance

KLAX-KSAN FL150/160(Depending on direction)


It depends on the aircraft & distance.

The highest I have ever flown in a direct route in IF was FL400: A330-300. Honolulu to Hilo.

I took a longer route due to conditions in the middle.

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Mostly FL320 / 0.85M


FL350 KPSP-MIJ in a Delta 767.

Only in Seattle and Singapore Region I cruise over FL150.


Normally between FL230 if is a dash 8 or up to FL350 if the airliner is much bigger like a 747 or A380

Well since global flight is coming, I can fly much higher such as 35,000ft and stay there for a while.

(Also since Global a flight is coming, anyone think about the Concorde? 😏)


Depends. Main factor is plane, then destination. I usually rely on actual cruise speeds and flight levels.

It depends on aircraft, distance and your flight

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Based on the Plane and the distance

For Example :

  • For WSSS-WMKK, I’m cruising at 20.000ft (IRL, Aircrafts that flying on WSSS-WMKK route usually cruising at 20.000ft)

Depending on the route, is approach active (approach = longer flight = more decent time), aircraft, speed etc.

But usually 12000-16000ft.

Actually the minimum as I see from the AIP is FL280

IIRC on Flightradar24, a Singapore Airlines (I forgot the flight number) That heading to KL was cruising at 20.000ft

Oo well that’s funny haha but still I don’t recall any airway having a cruising altitude as low as FL200

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I’ll check FR24 With SQ118
EDIT: Confirmed, It’s cruising at FL200. It’s Quite high for 35 mins flight (by A359)

I fly usually at around FL120-FL150. I need to go higher for longer flights.

As everyone else says, depends on the AC, route taken, distance to destination, etc.

A routine 125NM flight won’t usually allow enough time to climb above FL240, before having to begin your descent.
On a typical flight from KLAX to KSAN in a B712, I level-out at FL180, which allows for
about 5mins of cruise (just enough time for cart service).

Edit: Though, must admit, the B712 gets a little head-start through initial climbout…shuttling away.

Mmm, peanuts and Pepsi…

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Most people here cruise too high.

Depends highly on distance.

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