CRS in NAV 1 function expectations

i have been reading the forum and google and don’t think i have seen an answer to this question. You set NAV to NAV1 and CRS to 036. Let’s say you are currently flying at heading 045 and about 15nm from localizer/VOR. The way i am seeing NAV function in IF is heading is continuously adjusted as you fly towards the localizer and by the time you are over the localizer you are headed on your desired heading. What I expected to happen is i fly on course 045 until i intercept the 036 radial and the turn left. Am i missing something?

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Also, I hate to be that person, but
Inthink this should be in #General as it isn’t, necessarily, a technical issue with the app. Although, it could be so… not sure but
I think that’s correct. Sorry again for being that person.

I think only APPR does that. NAV behaves the same whether you are on GPS or NAV1. Turn on NAV when you are close to the radial.

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Thanks… I feel NAV1/2 is useless for approaches. I expected to work like VOR LOC.

If your aircraft does not support APPR, you can use NAV1/2 for the final if the fixes are not in IF or are offset

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